4 Week Travel Nurse Assignments

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On one hand, a short-term contract presents difficulty for the hospital’s continuity of care.If the travel nurse is only going to be there for 4 weeks, then they’re going to be on the floor for only 3 weeks. And if an orientation is not provided, then it may be difficult for the travel nurse to get acclimated to the floor.But a crisis rate might make up for the deficiency.

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Fewer hours worked means less billing, means less revenue.

At the same time, the cost and amount of work that goes in to staffing the position remains the same.

Shifts and travel nursing contract length are important travel nursing job variables.

Different travel nurses will desire to work different shifts and contract lengths.

The revenue decrease that the company experiences will result in a lower pay package for the traveler.

Again, fixed costs like travel expenses, credentialing costs, and orientation costs will take up a greater percentage of the revenue leaving less for pay.Travel nurses will have their own reasons for wanting short-term contracts.However, it’s important to consider the potential pitfalls.Determining the contract length you desire is a little more complicated.The vast majority of agencies will handle assignments that are 13 weeks or longer.It’s important to note that hospitals are the ones driving the shift requirements, not travel nursing companies.Some hospitals operate with 12 hour shifts, some with 8 hour shifts, some with a combination of the two, and some with 10 hour shifts.Understanding how shifts and contract length fit into the landscape will help travel nurses understand the ramifications of their preferences on these issues.All shifts are available when it comes to assignments.8 hour shifts are more common in certain regions and states.For example, you’ll find a lot of 8 hour shifts in California, but even the majority of travel nursing jobs in California still have 12 hour shifts.


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