4th Grade Math Problem Solving Worksheets

For the first problem, explain that students are given the time and distance that the aunt is flying, so they only need to determine the rate (or speed).Tell them that since they know the formula, r * t = d, they merely need to adjust to isolate "r." They can do this by dividing each side of the equation by "t," which yields the revised formula r = d ÷ t (rate or how fast the aunt is traveling = the distance she traveled divided by the time).Name That Number - 2 is designed to measure student understanding of place value as it is used in the Everyday Math Game of the same name.

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To obtain the exact answer, students would merely add the two numbers: 1,281 1,535 = 2,816.

Follow the links for Spaceship Math Addition worksheets, multiple digit addition worksheets, no-carrying addition worksheets and other addition topics.

Then just plug in the numbers: r = 3,060 miles ÷ 5 hours = 612 mph.

For the second problem, students merely need to list all of the presents given on the 12 days.

Conversely, if you know the speed (rate) that a person is traveling as well as the distance, you can calculate the time he traveled.

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You simply use the basic formula: rate times the time equals distance, or r * t = d (where "*" is the symbol for times).

To solve the problem listed in the previous slide, students need to know rounding.

For this problem, you would round 1,281 either down to 1,000 or up to 1,500, and you would round 1,535 down to 1,500, yielding estimate answers of 2,500 or 3,000 (depending on which way the students rounded 1,281).

In the worksheets below, students work the problems and fill their answers in the provided blank spaces.

The answers are provided for you, the teacher, on a duplicate worksheet that you can access and print out in the second slide after the students' worksheet.


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