8d Problem Solving Methodology

8d Problem Solving Methodology-8
View more of OEC's materials on Flevy here, including training guides and free downloads. It was later improved and popularized by the Ford Motor Company in the early ‘90s.

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Each of the eight steps is presented and explained in detail.

The course includes tutorials on dozens of problem-solving tools that help identify, analyze and fix problems.

Select the best Permanent Corrective Actions to remove the root cause and to address the escape point in the process.

Verify that both decisions will be successful when implemented and not cause any undesirable effects.

Isolate and verify the root cause by testing each root cause theory against the Problem Description and test data.

Isolate and verify the place in the process where the effect of the root cause could have been detected and contained but was not (escape point).With the 8D problem-solving process (or Global 8D as Ford calls it), project teams are chartered to address and solve problems by uncovering and eliminating the root cause of the problem.Also Available: DMAIC Basics 8D Problem-Solving Training teaches learners how to solve problems in a team setting using the 8D (8Discipline) problem-solving method.D1 Establish the Team: Establish a small group of people with the process and/or product knowledge, allocated time, authority, and skills in the required technical disciplines to solve the problem and implement corrective actions.Key Deliverables include: D2 Describe the Problem: Describe the internal or external problem by identifying “what is wrong with what” and detailing the problem in quantifiable terms.Drug and device manufacturing is one such space where 8D seems like a fit, particularly within corrective and preventive action (CAPA) programs.But despite its success, the 8D model presents a serious compliance problem under both FDA and global ISO regulations—one that regulators are seizing on as evident by the top-cited inspectional observation within the device space since 2010: of those actions—a serious procedural lapse.Fortunately, mitigating the risk of importing 8D into a CAPA program is mainly a matter of understanding the problem.Here's a brief rundown of what 8D is and where the problem lies.While some problem solving tools, such as the 5 Whys, Is – Is Not Matrix, Comparative Analysis and Root Cause Theory Testing are an integral part of the Global 8D Problem Solving Process, other tools need to be tailored to the organization’s requirements and can include Pareto Chart, Process Variables Map, Affinity Diagram, Interrelationship Diagram, Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Histogram, Scatter Plot, Box Plot, Force Field Analysis, and Solution Selection Matrix.Please review our presentation material Operational Excellence – 8D Problem Solving Process for more details about this very effective and efficient problem solving process.


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