A Busy City Street Essay

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Cloth shops and ready-made garment shops do great business during a festival.

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People from different walks of life come to this city with dreams in eyes. Assuming he is occupied for one whole hour he earns Rs.12 per hour. Behind him, a beggar woman taking a bite, her infant sleeping.

Kolkata is nicknamed as the City of Joy after the novel City of Joy a 1985 novel by Dominique Lapierre.

As the prices of the items are not fixed, the hawkers as well as the buyers do bargain.

I watch these people who feel greatly satisfied after purchasing a thing at a minimum price from the hawkers. There is not a single shop where a big crowd is not seen. There are jewellery shops which shine brightly in the light.

It is very difficult to drive a car in a market place.

What to talk of a car or a motorcycle sometimes it becomes difficult even to walk. Some people are seen discussing politics in the light of their business.Three years ago, he decided to document the buildings that fascinated him.He wanders the streets of Manhattan, snapping photos with his phone.I didn’t have enough time to write something short, so I dashed off the following, and I’m really posting here as a note to self, rather than an attempt to deeply discuss the everyday informational street circa 2008. The photos don't relate directly but create a kind of composite illustrative city nonetheless. But either way, this was a better strategy for the task-in-hand, and in imagining the scene below, via a kind of narrative, it's still remarkable to even sketchily consider how much data is already around us, and is near-invisible to traditional urban planning perspectives.It’s deliberately grounded in the here-and-now, more or less, so it will seem rather old hat to some of you. And I'd suggest that this data beginning to profoundly affect the way the street feels.Some people are seen with plates of ‘chat’ others are seen enjoying cold drinks.There is flavour of all kinds in the surrounding area.The market is always crowded with carts, horses, donkeys and camels.They come loaded with the produce of the season such as cotton, grain, oil seeds, vegetables, etc.“It’s like walking into a parallel universe, one that’s not packed and dense,” he says.Yankus has lived in New York since he was 11, and photographed the city for 20 years.


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