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And she wasn’t alone in sharing concerns about how the law would do in front of the Court — televangelist Pat Robertson made the same case on Wednesday on "It's an extreme law": Pat Robertson says that Alabama's anti-abortion law goes too far and will most likely lose at the Supreme Court.pic.twitter.com/l Duteweasq— Right Wing Watch (@Right Wing Watch) May 15, 2019 But the Court isn’t the only factor at play in the debate among anti-abortion conservatives over the Alabama abortion ban — so is the court of public opinion.He added that by essentially forcing the Supreme Court into an up-or-down vote on abortion, the national politics around the issue would in effect be “deescalated.” Basically, the Supreme Court would be forced to make a real choice about the issue, and with more conservatives on the Court, French argues that they’d likely make a decision in favor of the anti-abortion movement (and if they didn’t, anti-abortion Republicans would know where they stood, at least).

In Alabama, laws can’t be repealed via a voter-driven referendum, but pro-life lawmakers should care about how their actions affect the cause of protecting life throughout the country.

Nationwide, more than 75 percent of Americans think abortion should be legal early in pregnancy when the pregnancy was the result of rape.

I’ve been saying for a long time, Justice Kavanaugh is not going to vote for that. I have serious doubts whether the Supreme Court, as currently constituted, would vote to overturn Others are even less confident that the law will even make it that far.

Kim Wehle, a professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, wrote in the Bulwark that there’s a good chance that because the Alabama law decidedly does not meet the “undue burden” standard set by , the Court could view the right to an abortion without “undue burdens” as settled law, and decline to hear a challenge to it.

https://t.co/8WBYLGhe6Z— Guy Benson (@guypbenson) May 15, 2019 And the editors of National Review agreed, writing that the lack of a rape or incest provision in the Alabama law might make “the ultimate extinction of abortion less likely” because of how deeply unpopular such legislation is nationally: We have a good sense of what happens when the national debate focuses on banning abortion in this rare circumstance that accounts for less than 1 percent of abortions.

In 2011 voters in Mississippi defeated an abortion ban that lacked this exception by 16 percentage points.As David Harsanyi, a conservative writer for the Federalist, argued Thursday, a lack of rape or incest provisions in the Alabama law means that anti-abortion advocates are “impelled to make the most challenging arguments about the rarest cases rather than make the most convincing arguments about the most common ones.” He added: Jonathan Last wrote in the Bulwark that the Alabama law banning abortion served as “virtue signaling” for the anti-abortion cause, arguing that the bill “will not prevent a single abortion” and “will not save the life of a single unborn child” and will only drive fundraising to abortion rights organizations from people outraged by the lack of rape and incest exceptions within the law., albeit completely dependent beings: what else would they be?While the majority of Republicans are against abortion, views on reproductive rights within the broader American electorate are far more complex.A 2018 Gallup poll found that just 29 percent of Americans believe abortion should be legal in all circumstances, but that outweighs the 18 percent of Americans who believe abortion should be in all circumstances.In general, many anti-abortion activists believe that abortion in the case of rape or incest only compounds the tragedy of those scenarios.But politically, making that case is extraordinarily difficult, even impossible.In the wake of Alabama’s ban on abortion, many anti-abortion conservatives were striking surprising notes of caution, with some national Republican lawmakers voicing disapproval.Not about the moral rightness of the bill, which bans almost all abortions in the state, with no exceptions for cases of rape or incest — but about the bill’s strategic usefulness in the long march to the Supreme Court and eventually, they hope, the end of , and nationally legalized abortion itself.This is because their brains and nervous systems aren’t sufficiently developed and complexly interconnected enough for consciousness and personhood.The medical and scientific research reports that this developmental stage isn’t reached until after the first trimester, or, more likely, until mid-pregnancy.


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