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True to its name, the movie is about “crashing” into the lives of others and coming to terms with the reality that despite belief to the contrary, most of us still indulge in racist and sexist attitudes.In our politically correct time, we are so used to everyone pushing their prejudices at the back that we automatically assume......

Crash about how our lives are intertwined in a mysterious, but logical way and how in the end we all “crash” into each other.

In the movie, different people have different experiences which all lead to the buildup of anger, and that is why they misjudge the people next to them, based on prejudice and stereotypes.

The movie opens following a car accident involving detective Graham Waters (black)......

Your Full Your s December Everyone is Prejudiced: Even those who are not.

Crash The story revolves around many people, all interlinked, over two days in Los Angeles.

The movie begins with a traffic jam and a car accident for which two women blame each other. A lot of racial insults, tensions and social problems are unveiled.

Even Jean shows racism towards a Mexican guy who comes to fix their lock at house. Crash (2004) is a movie that presents the story of a group of stranger in Los Angeles, over a period of two days.

The movie sends out a strong message about racial discrimination and stereotypes, while exploring the interaction, the conflict, between different races, genders, cultures and classes.

They had a Hispanic locksmith, Daniel Ruiz, changing their house locks. Crash” Crash is one of the most thrilling, entertaining and educative movies of all times.

Hysteric Jean became suspicious of him because he also changes locks at the Persian shop...... The movie is enriched with the theme of racial and social issues in America especially in Los Angeles.


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