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She also she wanted to know the effect of this method on the academic performance of the pupils from results of the diagnostic and achievement test. Two groups were taught the same lessons for one week.This study determined the effectiveness of conducting DI to Grade Four English class. What is the performance of the two groups of respondents in the pretest? The control group was taught using the single teaching with similar activities approach while the experimental group was taught using DI with three sets of activities and three sets of evaluation and facilitation for the three groupings of pupils for the one-week duration.The achievement test was administered on Monday, October 5, 2015 the following week using parallel teacher-made tests.

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This situation calls for teachers to create lessons for all pupils based upon their readiness, interests, and background knowledge.

Anderson (2007) noted that it is imperative not to exclude any child in a classroom, so a differentiated learning environment must be provided by a teacher.

The experimental group of pupils who were exposed to DI obtains a mean score of 16.45 (Sd=2.34) while the control group who were taught using the traditional method obtain a mean score of 13.82 (Sd=3.53).

The result showed that the posttest scores of the experimental groups taught with DI is remarkably better as compared to those which were taught the traditional approach.

Additionally, DI presents an effective means to address learner’s variance which avoids the pitfalls of the one-size-fits-all curriculum.

Stronge (2004) and Tomlinson (2004b) claimed that addressing student differences and interest enhance their motivation to learn and make them to remain committed and to stay positive as well.

The K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum aims to help learners understand that English language is involved in the dynamic social process which responds to and reflects changing social conditions.

It is also inextricably involved with values, beliefs and ways of thinking about the person and the world people dwell.

The results of the pretest and the posttest were compared to determine whether using DI is effective or not.

Data Gathering After seeking the approval from the principal, the teacher-researcher started the experiment for a week.


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