Activities To Improve Critical Thinking

Activities To Improve Critical Thinking-69
More significantly, though, learning to think critically will help students examine information and not take it at face value.They will be able to draw upon current knowledge, summarize and synthesize the information at hand, and determine whether it is factual, valuable and relevant.Finally, if possible, introduce additional texts that provide new information or concepts students can use to analyze the original text.

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In order to help students develop this skill and come out with uncommon thoughts, it is important for educators to understand the role they play in developing critical thinking is different than the role they are typically playing.

For students to be engaged in critical thinking, the educator needs to act as a facilitator to allow for discussion and encourage a wider and open thought process, as well as to encourage understanding of the different perception of every individual that comes with thinking critically.

When analyzing and assessing, teachers can ask students to practice on a text that they are familiar with to help them understand the process.

For example, teachers can start by asking students to tell a common story in our culture.

Once students understand the story’s basic meaning, ask them to draw connections outside the story by getting them to identify stories that have a similar message or plot.

Next, ask them to consider: In this stage of critical thinking, students interact directly with the text to determine how valid the ideas are and whether they are conveyed in a manner that is easy to follow.Ask students to consider where they learned the version they know and its overall moral or message.Next, have students think about how the origin of the story influences the moral or how it is told.Try these exercises in your class to help improve your students’ capacity for critical thinking.After introducing new content or concepts, teachers should assign students free writes that draw connections to other materials or classes.They should begin by determining how the new information connects to what they already know, which will ultimately strengthen their memory.Once students learn to see how the material connects, they’ll get better at recognizing relationships between ideas that aren’t necessarily correlated on the surface.In this activity first asks students to consider a question on their own, and then provide them an opportunity to discuss it in pairs, and finally together with the whole class.The success of such activities depends on the nature of the questions posed.Students need strong critical thinking skills to read and write effectively in high school and college.Furthermore, many jobs require employees to think critically to analyze data, choose the best course of action and act on their choices.


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