Advantages Disadvantages Essay Appraisal Method

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Lexical resource -Try to use as many synonyms as you can while explaining the concept.

You can use words like positives and negatives, pros and cons, merits and demerits, beneficial and harmful effects, etc.

The question prompt asks you to whether there are more advantages to this trend or are the disadvantage more.

Here, you have to take a stand regarding whether you opt for the disadvantages side of the advantages side.

But remember that using the word in the right context is very important.4.

Grammatical range and accuracy -Show the reader that you are able to use various sentence structures, such as Simple sentences, compound sentences sentences, complex – compound sentences, passive sentences and if conditional sentences to show your range of grammar.Also, it is important to stay on a particular view till you reach the end of the essay.For example, if you think that there are more advantages of reading electronic books when compared to paper based books, you have to stick to the same view throughout the essay.2.The sentences have to be appropriate and accurate in accordance with the given question. Internet is used in both our personal and public lives.You have to count the number of words you have written, and this is to avoid losing marks for underlength. You have to start the essay by analysing the given question prompt. There are two alternatives discussed here, which are the virtual mode of reading, and the second one is the paper based mode of reading.Once you have understood this, you should proceed to the next part of the question which says – do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages.Step 2- Organising the ideas logically and sequentially. Basically, coherence is the generation of ideas and Cohesion is the way in which the ideas are linked into a paragraph.4.Step 4 – Evaluation – In this stage, you have to check for any possible grammatical errors or repetitive sentences and ideas.If you notice that you have repeated the ideas or words too many times, then you have to correct them.5.Step 5 – This is the final step which is the reviewing and rechecking.


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