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In the view of Yin, “the case study represents an empirical research that investigates a contemporary phenomenon within its real-life context, and includes a method comprehensive, with the logic of planning, gathering and data analysis.” Can include both single case studies as multiple, as well as quantitative approaches and qualitative research.(Yin 1994 p.23), help us, he says, to understand and distinguish the case study method to other research strategies such as the historical method and in-depth interview, the experimental method and survey.Yin proposed three remedies to counteract this: using multiple sources of evidence, establishing a chain of evidence, and having a draft case study report reviewed by key informants.

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10): “the weaker brother of the methods of Social Sciences.

But despite the weaknesses and limitations, the case study has had widely use not only in social research, but also as a modality research, with applications in many other areas or in disciplines that has a strong orientation to legal practice and administration, besides being used for the preparation of theses and dissertations.

Using a “storytelling” approach, the evaluator may present the genesis of ideas, explore what happened and why, give an account of the human side of a project, explain goals, explore project dynamics, investigate particular phenomenon, and present outcomes in their complexity without being subject to the confines inherent in most other evaluation methods.

The freedom to collect multiple kinds of information makes the case study method useful for exploring ideas and constructing theories about program or project dynamics.

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For example, the case study can be exploratory (create new knowledge), constructive (solve some problem), or confirmatory (test a hypothesis with empirical evidence).

The case study can also use either a primary (the researcher collects the data) or secondary (the researcher uses someone else’s data) approach.

Cast in a narrative format, descriptive case studies can make complex science and technology projects accessible and interesting to a non-scientist audience.

The potential scope of the case study format is flexible and broad, ranging from brief descriptive summaries to long, detailed accounts.


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