Ageing Population Thesis

These measures are central to productive notions of ‘active ageing’.

Initially the paper briefly sets out the pension developments in the UK.

In order to fix the sustainability gap of the public sector, several institutions have suggested increasing international net migration to be a solution to the ageing population and the potential lack of labor force.

In this thesis, the aim was to observe whether immigration could possibly solve the financial problems faced by the public sector as the demographic structure becomes older.

Immigration could fix the age structure relatively fast, yet its net impact on public economics is challenging to estimate.

International research has estimated the net impact of an immigrant to be similar to a native.

The ageing population has led to increasing concerns about pensions and their future sustainability.

Much of the dominant policy discourse around ageing and pension provision over the last decade has focussed on postponing retirement and prolonging employment.

In doing so it needs to highlight older people as an economic and social resource, and reduce barriers to older people’s participation in society.).

Active ageing is concerned with enabling people to remain independent and achieve their potential regardless of age.


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