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The reason that surprises me is that the joy of a King Air and smaller aircraft is the ability to land at smaller airfields nearer to where the client has to be.Isn't this one of the major factors in a client choosing a private aircraft - to avoid the travelling time and the hassles of international airports.

Something like a Navajo ( ie at least 4-5 people plus light baggage).

What are the other costs like AOC, maitainence, Insurance etc. What other aircraft would be suitable, I believe the Navajo is pretty ancient?

I will try and get some experience however I fear it will be rather diificult with todays job market. Do you really think its jets or nothing these days?

I guess a citation would be the place to start then?

King Airs, well, see the other post that's kicking around here about them and you'll see that we're all in rough agreement that turboprops aren't really a great business decision either these days. If you fancy a challenge though, give it a shot, but be careful how much money you chuck at it (and start by talking to other operators about piggy-backing off their AOC's. I was never going to start up a company tomorrow, and as Niknak said, I would undoubtedly go out of business if I tried to.

It'll give you the opportunity to gauge whether or not your plan would work). I was looking for some very general info on how you would go about it if I decided to go ahead with it.i.e you need a Chief pilot, a quality control manager and other JAR requirements.Buying the plane is cheap so it is by far the easiest step to take.Also remember that a turbine A/C seems like a relatively affordable option until you start paying - Euro Charges - Landing/handling fees -Normal maintenance -Unexpected maintenance -Insurance (don't know how much experience you have but operating PT might require you to employ a more qualified (insurance accepted) pilot.Saying that,if you can do all that I will be a little envious since that would have been one of my dreams. Good luck Amex, So I could go to an operator (LEA, Titan etc) and charter say a seneca, fly it myself with passengers I have aquired and then charge the passengers as if it were my own aircraft? Skyseeker Skyseeker I dont wish to be rude or presumptious, but it appears you have no experience in this field, and to be honest, if you did start up tommorrow, you'd be out of business within a week. Before (preferably) or after you have bought your aeroplane, you will need to find an established operator of your type, willing to add it on his AOC.We're integrated with thousands of accredited aircraft operators based worldwide, who quote competitively in an online marketplace.This gives you the best options, at the best prices - for every flight.Would I have to buy the aircraft or are there options hire purchase, lease etc?Sorry for all the questions Thanks very much Skyseeker Lost of questions here which most operators would not like to answer as it will give away too many comercial secrets.If you want to make money from your customers then you should get a job with an existing operator and take your customers to them. But could you give a few pointers as far as aquiring an aircraft goes.How do you do it, what is fractional ownership, leasing etc. Cheers Skyseeker If you are operating public transport, you will need an AOC so most people will "rent" one from an established operator.


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