An Entrepreneur You Admire Essay

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Enterprise and entrepreneurial skills are effectively a combination of other competencies and abilites, including: If an employer particularly seeks entrepreneurial skills, you will probably see a combination of the following requirements listed on the job description: ‘entrepreneurial mindset’, ‘entrepreneurial spirit’, ‘drive’, ‘business-minded’, ‘customer-oriented’, ‘innovative thinking’ and ‘the ability to find new ways to exceed our customers’ expectations’.Pay attention, too, to how the recruiters describe their business: if they refer to a ‘fast-paced, dynamic environment’, a ‘results-driven business’ or a ‘creative and entrepreneurial culture’, be prepared to demonstrate your enterprising streak.

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You will gain strong examples of your enterprise and entrepreneurial mindset if you: You should also consider entering the TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards competition.

You can win internships and networking opportunities at large companies, which will help develop your entrepreneurial mindset by giving you the experience and exposure to learn how big businesses really work.

Success in life can be measured in many ways: money, family, loved ones who care. No matter how many times you think you can’t go forward. Whether it’s passion about business, family, reading, or your favorite sports team you are have passion.

It is the determined individual that doesn’t throw in the towel on their goals, their relationships, and their challenges that is a truly successful person. No matter how many times things just don’t go right. The passion that the entrepreneur has, along with their drive and determination, is often the x-factor to a successful business venture.

It is drive that makes a person not accept the status quo.

It is drive that makes someone to not want to be mediocre. Many people are happily content with their position in life or within their company, which is just fine.Others see themselves with being able to attain higher goals than just being a spoke on the corporate bicycle wheel.It is this drive that brings people to make the jump into being their own boss.Getting married, losing weight, learning to play an instrument. A journey begins with the first step and drive is what makes you take that first step.No matter what your journey is, it all begins with drive. Some more determined than others, but determined nonetheless.Students and graduates often think that they only require entrepreneurial skills if they intend to become an entrepreneur and set up their own business as a graduate.But employers often seek an entrepreneurial mindset in their graduate recruits.These graduates are an asset because they will be able to spot gaps in the market and innovate, and because they are commercially minded.Graduate job seekers can showcase their strengths in this area by demonstrating a capacity for independent work and original thinking, as well as sound business sense and an interest in the market that their potential employer operates in.The first places to refer to your entrepreneurial streak are on your CV, in your covering letter and in answer to any application form questions about your greatest achievements, creativity or innovative thinking.Make sure you write about the results or impacts of your actions, quantifying them wherever possible.


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