An Investment Analysis Case Study Nike Solution

An Investment Analysis Case Study Nike Solution-20
This helped in absorbing shocks during running and jumping.The bags can be seen by the athletes (users) through a 'special window' in the heel or toe shoe.

It was a tool to measure the distance and speed of a run or a walk and was built on a virtually flawless partnership strategy.

Nike was cashing in on the most technologically advanced portable device that could do all the tech work brilliantly. It brought the idea and developed it into a business.

The shoes featured gas-filled plastic membranes that could be inserted into the sole for comfort during running.

Invented in the mid 1970s by a NASA engineer, it kept up the revenue of Nike for long.

Riding on the success of this campaign, Nike, a year later, launched an even more empowering series of ads with the tag line "Just do it".

The series had three ads featuring young sportsman Bo Jackson who campaigned on the benefits of a new cross-training pair of Nike shoes.In those days, Bowerman would often rip apart the Tiger brand shoes to see how he could make them lighter and better.He used to take help from university runners to test his creations and collect their feedback.It had to be at once very distant from the core business and also very appealing. It had less to do with shoes and more to do with athletes.Nike's sales philosophy - if you have a body, you are an athlete - had enticed everybody who wanted to think of himself/herself as an athlete or wanted to get more athletic. On this day, Nike introduced its first mass produced gadget, Nike i Pod Sports Kit, in the US market.Shoes Technology: In due course, even the hi-tech Air Max technology was found to be inadequate to entice customers.And it was time for something that would differentiate Nike in the long run.The company was actually selling just a small electronic chip that had to be inserted in the shoe (preferably a special one, but even a regular shoe would do) and a wireless connection device that had to be plugged to an i Pod.All the rest (calculation, storage, integration) was done by the i Pod. It paved the way to a truly innovative future of the company.An upgraded product, Nike Sportband Kit, was released in April 2008.It no longer needed an i Pod and could be connected to the computer directly to download the results.


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