Analytical Essay Of Looking For Alibrandi

Analytical Essay Of Looking For Alibrandi-38
I have used social class as a major issue in Looking for Alibrandi to create sympathy and antipathy towards characters social class and the characters themselves.

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Josie is characterized as intelligent, well spoken and caring.

“My biggest problem is being stuck at a school dominated by rich people”.

” She sees this conflict as a problem because she isn”t like everyone else and isn”t associated to “upper class”.

This then helps to position the viewer to create sympathy for Josie and to then side with what she is saying.

The setting of the school added for quite a few conflicts throughout the novel.

Analytical Essay Of Looking For Alibrandi Essay On Life Without Goals

The line “My biggest problem is being stuck at a school full of rich people” is used as an example throughout themes and issues, language and social class.

In the movie Looking for Alibrandi I have used language to influence the viewers response.

The use of specific language techniques encourages our sympathy or antipathy towards people, place and events in the novel.

There are 4 types of language I used, cultural accent, middle class, lower class and emotive to represent specific characters.

Josie being the narrator of the story receives sympathy because her thoughts and struggles are revealed to the viewer.


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