Analytical Essay On Schindler'S List

Analytical Essay On Schindler'S List-6
The most obvious example of this theme is Schindler's list and his effort to save over a thousand Jews during the Holocaust.

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The film explores the growing virtue in Oskar Schindler.He announces that he does not want a single shell produced in his factory to ever be fired. Schindler's transformation from moral depravity to a man of virtue is central to the plot of the film.The theme of dehumanization in the film is in regard to the Jewish people.Itzhak Stern acts as a human form of Schindler's conscience.The friendlier Schindler becomes with Stern, the more he acts as a savior to the Jews.There are multiple kinds of power witnessed in the film. He prides himself on his ability to kill and the fear it instills in those around him.Oskar Schindler is representative of the power of respect.This theme is important because it stands in stark contrast to the dehumanization of the Jews. Loyalty is most prominently seen in the strong family ties that exist among the Jewish workers.Chaja and Danka Dresner are a prime example of this loyalty.Schindler has a minor effect on Goeth by encouraging him to pardon people.Goeth pardons a Jewish boy after listening to Schindler's ideas on power.


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