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The actual audience is whoever will actually be reading your paper. ) For many of you, this will be your teacher or professor, but for others it could be a friend, your boss, or a member of an admissions staff.Understanding the person or persons behind the eyes that will actually (you see?

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Just like there is an intended audience for performances, such as plays, films, and concerts, there is an intended audience for your essay–specifically, whoever will be reading it. Your audience falls into a couple different groups.

Understanding these two audiences can affect some of the writing decisions you make.

And, don’t forget about your audience in the conclusion.

Perhaps, you’ve already made your point in the body of your essay, but the conclusion offers a unique opportunity to reinforce why the subject is important and how it can positively affect the reader moving forward.

Here are some tips for tackling the revision process in relation to writing for an audience: Once you’ve finished your first draft, save your document, and then just walk away from it for a while.

Go read an unrelated book, meet up with friends, have a beer or coffee. I promise, you will notice things that slipped under the radar the first time through.I can’t reiterate this enough: Writing is revision.New writers consistently fall into the trap of thinking that an essay is finished after writing the conclusion. If you turn in that first draft, you may receive a score that is good, but why settle for good? Don’t settle for anything less than the best your essay can be.This clarity of purpose will lead to clarity in your writing.The choices you make about tone, vocabulary, and the examples to be used in your paper will be greatly affected by the audience you are targeting.It gives me, the actual reader in this case, the distinct feeling that the writer was more concerned with accumulating words on the paper than making a point. Instead, if you visualize real people in your audience taking in the essay, and focus on what they want and need to read, your writing will focus on the most important aspects.All decisions about what to include or how to word a sentence will be answered by a simple question: What is best for my audience?One of the purposes of the introduction is to establish a relationship with the reader. Think about how they will feel as they read your paper.Formulate meaningful transitions that connect your ideas in a way that keeps the readers moving in the direction you want–towards your intended goal.So, I suggest always including an audience analysis as part of your prewriting process.Before writing, before even outlining your writing, you should decide who your intended audience will be and how you can approach them in a meaningful way.


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