Analyze Han And Roman Attitudes Toward Technology Essay

His ideas include people to watch over the machinery used to ease the workload of people preventing floods.

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The juvenile justice court system is different from the regular adult criminal justice system.

Adult criminal court is for serious offenses and meant for persons over the age of 18.

The Han Dynasty viewed technology as a way to ease the workload.

A Han government official proposes a possible technological solution to prevent floods.

Documents that would help to further my analysis of these subjects would be a document from a Han and Roman common-person on the benefits of technology.

Analyze Han And Roman Attitudes Toward Technology Essay Popes Essay On Man Summary

This would help me to better understand the effects of technology on their lives, and how it has helped society.

He says that the tools to do this work used to be well-made, but in current times the tools are made by convicts, and are crude and not very functional.

Due to the high price of these crude tools, which do not do much to ease the workload, many people have become poor, and are forced to rely on wooden tools, and cannot afford salt.

Huan Tan, in his “New Discourses”, says that Fuxi, a mythological emperor, created mortar and pestle.

he also says that, over time, other things were used and upgrades were made in order to increase the benefit and decrease the workload hundredfold.


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