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There is no single defining position that all Anarchists hold, beyond their rejection of compulsory government or “the state”, and proponents may support anything from extreme individualism (the political outlook that stresses human independence and the importance of individual self-reliance and liberty) to complete collectivism (the political outlook that stresses human interdependence and the importance of the collective).

Thus, there are any number of diverse schools of thought within Anarchism.

Goldman was born on June 27, 1869, in Kovno (Kaunas), Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire; by the time she was twelve, her family had moved to St. Like most Eastern European Jews, Goldman’s family suffered under the political oppression and anti-Semitism of imperial Russia.

She fled Russia with her sister Helena in 1885, settling in Rochester, New York, where they were soon joined by the rest of their family.

The term “anarchy” is derived from the Greek “anarchos” (“without ruler”).

Up until the 19th Century, the term was generally used in a positive manner, to describe a coherent political belief, and it was only later that it became used pejoratively (to mean something akin to chaos).Anarchists believe that government is both harmful and unnecessary.This does not necessarily mean that we, as a society, are without rules – but rather – we become liberated from the violence and corruption of the state, the elite, and those who falsely assume roles of authority over individuals.Anarchism is the political philosophy which rejects (and supports the elimination of ) compulsory government or compulsory rule, and holds that society can (and should) be organized without a coercive state.This may, or may not, involve the rejection of any authority at all.Goldman was also, in these years, involved in a variety of anarchist activities, ranging from direct actions to lectures to publications such as her in 1917 Goldman was again arrested—this time for speaking against the selective draft law.After two years in prison in Missouri, she was deported to Russia in 1919 along with several hundred other radical immigrants.If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Anarchism contends that the state lacks moral legitimacy, that there is no individual obligation or duty to obey the state and, conversely, that the state has no right to command individuals.Anarchism calls for gradual change to free all individual from the oppressive laws and social constraints of the modern state.


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