Anatomy Of A Research Paper

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Scientists all over the world, in laboratories and in the field, work hard every day.

They spend countless hours trying to find answers to research questions. " (or a "that's strange...") moment, when they discover something interesting or something that can change what we know about science. Does the whole world automatically know about their work? In order to spread news of their findings, scientists have to write and publish articles that outline what they did and what they found.

Sometimes, when a lot of people are involved, this makes for a very long list of authors.

Show me an example | 1 | Author affiliations It may seem odd, but scientists aren't the only ones involved in the completion of a study.

In other fields, such as history, the method and results may be embedded in a narrative, perhaps describing and interpreting events from archival sources.

In this case, the method is the selection of archival sources and how they were interpreted, while the results are the interpretation and resultant story.

Journal articles, on the other hand, rely on a panel or editorial board of experts and specialists in that field to examine the scholarship and quality of research before the article is allowed to be published.

Most research published in journal articles is highly sourced (based upon much previously published research in the field).

This system of review allows you as the student to trust the reliability of the research.

Authors and their credentials will be provided in a scholarly article.


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