Animal Rights Persuasive Essay

Animal Rights Persuasive Essay-41
Why is it then that some people think it is alright if their animal is without these two basic necessities?All creatures need food to survive, as well as fresh water every day.You may or may not agree with me, but by the end of this paper I hope you at least understand my logic.

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It should include an introduction, three body paragraph each describing a reason, a rebuttal paragraph, and a conclusion.

Woe to the poor, unfortunate dog who is chained out in the middle of the yard with nary a tree to cover his head. All creatures deserve some place where they can get out of the weather.

All animals, especially those that live with us, such as our dogs or cats, deserve to be treated with the same decency that we treat each other with.

Of the millions of people who own pets, the vast majority will reply, Of course!

These things are the same as what we would do for other people, why are pets so different?

The amount of joy and companionship you receive in return for giving these four basic rights to your pet will far exceed the time and effort you put into achieving them.The third item on our pets list of right should be the right to have food and water.We would never even consider the thought of forcing another human to go without food or water for a day or two.Just as humans have their social classes, dogs have their packs.And in the case of domesticated dogs, their pack must be their owners.These are all great ideas that you can write about for this paper.The first thing that you will want to do once you have chosen your topic is to start by writing an outline.They have the right to be in our homes with us, or at least have our attention for a few hours every day.If this right is not accessible to them, they may turn vicious with the lack of socialization. First on the animal rights list should be the right to a warm, dry place to sleep. Should he not have a roof above him and a rug to lie on? Granted, these animals do not need a comfy couch to sleep on or clothing to wear, but they should be allowed a warm place to sleep, proper care, and medical attention at the bare minimum.


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