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In Oedipus Rex, Creon is a brother of queen Jocasta, the wife of King Laius as well as Oedipus.Laius, a previous king of Thebes, had given the rule to Creon while he went to consult the oracle at Delphi. When word came of Laius's death, Creon offered the throne of Thebes as well as the hand of his sister (and Laius's widow) Jocasta, to anyone who could free the city from the Sphinx.

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Have you not seen the trees beside storm torrents--the ones that band preserve their limbs and leaves, while the resistant perish root and branch? She did not listen to her sister’s advise, it caused all the tragedy happened.

), is a figure in Greek mythology best known as the ruler of Thebes in the legend of Oedipus.

In the play “Antigone”, by Sophocles, there is an antagonism between Antigone and Creon.

As the novelist George Eliot says, “the antagonism between valid claims”, there is such an antagonism in the play, and it is hard to judge who is right because they both have their valid claims.

When Oedipus summons Tiresias to tell him what is plaguing the city and Tiresias tells him that he is the problem, Oedipus accuses Creon of conspiring against him.

Creon argues that he does not want to rule and would, therefore, have no incentive to overthrow Oedipus.

At the beginning, I thought Creon is stubborn, because he did not accept the suggestions.

The son of Creon, Heamon used a good example to persuade his father, which is: “A man,though wise, should never be ashamed of learning more, and must not be too rigid.

He had four sons and three daughters with his wife, Eurydice (sometimes known as Henioche): Henioche, Pyrrha, Megareus (also called Menoeceus), Lycomedes and Haimon.

Creon and his sister, Jocasta, were descendants of Cadmus and of the Spartoi.


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