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The polar and grizzly bears that live in the refuge would have their costal dens in some cases either destroyed or abandoned.Also the bears would not know what to do around the new drilling camps and would interfere with the drilling; this means that the companies would have to shoot the bears to stop them from attacking the camps.The amount of roads that would have to be constructed in order to move the heavy drilling equipment to and from the oil field, along with the oil itself, would be a major cost that as of right now the United States does not have the money to fund.

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Proponents of the oil drilling believe that the oil in the refuge will solve the high prices of gasoline, but they don’t even know what amount of oil the refuge holds and the amount of oil that we use every year in the United States.

The drilling in ANWR will severely damage the wildlife refuge and its environment.

Hence, in general a small portion will be affected by the drilling process. Other benefits that are expected include job creation which will lead to thousands of people being employed (more than 250,000).

This will also impact in the development of the economy in each state of the union.

S which is also among the least developed states with many forests with the accessibility between the villages is through the use of planes.

It is estimate that the exploration will be conducted in an approximate area of 8% (2000 acres) and the remaining area about 17.5 million acres will be protected. In the recent years, ANWR – Artic National Wildlife Refuge is a war field for politics and environmental concerns in the American government.The people who are interested with the use of energy don’t consider where the resource will be obtained from whether; from the fragile environments or the protected regions.This would sustain America long enough to explore the ideas of alternative fuel more thoroughly.Oil Drilling in Alaska’s North Slope region has attracted oil industry attention, especially after the Bush administration’s proposal to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to exploration and subsequent production of oil to help reduce foreign oil importation into the United States. This war is usually reduced to two perspectives; those who are supporting for the protection of the environment and those who are only interested in the use of the available energy resources.By drilling in ANWR, the amount of oil that would be gained could possibly be equivalent to the amount of oil that could be accumulated from Saudi Arabia after thirty years or from fifty-eight years of independence from Iraqi oil (Coon par 2).When the United States imports oil that the average consumer uses, it adds up throughout the year, costing America roughly 330 billion dollars.That could be broken down into almost 37.75 million dollars every hour ("Top ten reasons to support ANWR development." par 7).Once America drills in ANWR, it provides scientists more time to figure out an alternative fuel (the oil supply in ANWR will only last about twenty-five years).This is due to the fact that the price of imported fuel is high which directly affects the economy.The fact that the amount of oil in Prudhoe Bay Field is declining another field that is required for the production of the fuel is needed.


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