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About one month later, Wilson issued a second, more strongly worded note.This time, Bryan, rather than signing a letter that could provoke a war with Germany, resigned from his position.While many openly called for war, President Woodrow Wilson remained cautious against any action that would bring America into the battle.

In all, during the first months of 1915, German U-boats destroyed more than 90 ships.

Germany’s aggression reached a turning point in May of 1915.

Although approximately one-third of American citizens had been born in Europe or were children of European immigrants, most were relieved to stay out of the conflict. German propaganda focused on Russian autocracy and anti-Semitism, which seemed to appeal only to German and Irish-Americans.

Britain enjoyed certain advantages in its appeal to Americans, such as a common language and a closely aligned culture. Although Wilson immediately protested this illegal act, he did not act against Great Britain.

However, Germany’s latest reassurance came with one major stipulation: the United States would have to persuade the Allies to stop blockading commodities to Germany.

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Wilson accepted Germany’s pledge, but he did not accept the decree concerning the Allies.

Within less than a month, two coalitions emerged—the Central Powers, which primarily consisted of Germany and Austria-Hungary, and the Allied Powers, which included France, Russia, and Great Britain.

As posturing between the two coalitions persisted, Russia began to mobilize its forces to strike against Germany.

During the summer of 1914, the tensions in Europe that had been growing for many years culminated with the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian terrorist organization.

Following the assassination, the Austrian-Hungary government (backed by Germany) and Serbia (strongly backed by Russia) entered into what became an intricate chain of political confrontations.


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