Ap Us History Dbq Essay 2005

For instance, bad argument development might just list the facts of the different documents without using them to contradict, corroborate, or qualify the thesis.

To illustrate, read this student’s argument (see “In Document 2 Betty Friedan wants women to be paid the same as men for doing the same jobs.

Instead of only listing a string of facts and documents from memory, they want you to talk about how each piece of evidence either contradicts, corroborates, or qualifies your main thesis.

Let us take a look at a couple of good and bad ways of developing arguments in the 2016 DBQ.

This occurred most powerfully during World War II, when women worked in war-related manufacturing industries.

The war recruiting poster (Document 1) shows how government propaganda portrayed women’s work as vital to the war effort, even in secretarial work.”Note how the specifics of the Document 1 recruiting poster are used to bolster the overall point that government support was a key factor in changing public beliefs.Along with the prompt were six included documents, each meant to be analyzed and synthesized for you to build an argument based on the prompt.Here we will just summarize each one so you can follow along, but you are encouraged to look at the full documents by clicking on their links below.She wants women to take action and protest against wage discrimination.She believes regardless if you are a man or a woman you should get paid the same and not less because you’re a woman.If you write a thesis that succeeds at checking all these boxes, graders will award you your first point.Let us examine what a good thesis statement would look like for the 2016 DBQ and how to avoid writing a bad one.“The women’s rights movement from 1940–1975 was caused politically by unfair treatment towards females, economically by financial discrimination towards females, and socially by the defiance of the traditional image of an American woman.”This thesis is good because it makes a historically defensible claim that explains some of the causes of the women’s rights movement.“The main reason for a rise of the women’s rights movement, according to activists such as Friedan, was discontent with suburban conformity.This may have been true for white women, but a woman of color such as Mirta Vidal (Document 5) portrayed the rise of the women’s rights movement as due to a combination of the rising movement for Chicano civil rights and a growing resistance to male chauvinism within the Chicano community.”The student uses contradiction here between Friedan and Mirta Vidal to emphasize the complexity of the women’s rights movement and how diverging identity groups experienced the movement differently.General categories like “economics,” “politics,” and “society” are too vague to identify what the student is referring to.To make a historically defensible claim, they need to be more specific about what they mean by these terms.


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