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Report broken link Tar and Feathers in Revolutionary America America at the time of the Revolution was a great place if your opinions matched those of the Patriots.Opponents to the popular uprising were often treated to the harshest forms of punishment.

Report broken link Tar and Feathers in Revolutionary America America at the time of the Revolution was a great place if your opinions matched those of the Patriots.Opponents to the popular uprising were often treated to the harshest forms of punishment.

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But most ordinary Loyalists went to Canada where they would come to play a large role in the development of Canadian society and government.

In this way, the American Revolution played a central role shaping the future of two North American countries.

Whether you are a merchant in Massachusetts, a German-born farmer living in Pennsylvania, a tavern-owning woman of Maryland, or a slave-owner in the South, you share some things in common.

For instance, you probably don't like paying taxes on such goods as tea that wind up going to support the royal coffers in London.

This powerful incentive, and the opportunities opened by the chaos of war, led some 50,000 slaves (about 10 percent of the total slave population in the 1770s) to flee their Patriot masters.

When the war ended, the British evacuated 20,000 formerly enslaved African Americans and resettled them as free people.This in-depth essay on using tar and feathering to silence Loyalists and others comes to you from Brandeis University.Sorry, no images of what some colonists referred to as "new-fashioned discipline." Report broken link The Birchtown Archaeology Project When black Loyalists fled the colonies for Nova Scotia in 1783, they landed at Shelburne and were assigned land which became known as Birchtown.Chalmers angrily denounced the American cause and called Paine a "political quack." View an ad announcing its first publishing, listen to a reading from Plain Truth, or read a fine essay on Chalmers and his Loyalist document.Report broken link Loyalist Institute Complete coverage of the Loyalist presence in the Revolution is the focus of this site.This bio covers Hutchinson's troubles with rebellious colonists, as well as providing some commentary on his History of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay.No images to see, just a quick overview of one of the more famous Loyalists.Those hotheads in Boston recently threw a load of tea in the harbor and the British retaliated with something called the . Even before the war started, a group of Philadelphia were arrested and imprisoned in Virginia because of their perceived support of the British.The Patriots were not a tolerant group, and Loyalists suffered regular harassment, had their property seized, or were subject to personal attacks. Stripped of clothes, covered with hot tar, and splattered with feathers, the victim was then forced to parade about in public.Just take a minute to get the hang of the navigation, and you'll be knee-deep in Loyalist info.Report broken link Thomas Hutchinson From being the "most popular man in the colony" to his eventual exile back to England, Thomas Hutchinson's turbulent life is profiled on Bartleby.com's Great Books Online page.


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