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Jennings The University of Nowheresville Author Note Jennifer J.Jennings, Department of Animal-Vegetation Liaisons, University of Nowheresville.If you approach the formatting of the cover page for your term paper responsively, you will set the good tone for all the work and complete it successfully.

According to APA style, an author note is sometimes included in the title page of your papers to be published.

This includes complete department/institution affiliation, any changes in affiliation since completion of the paper, acknowledgements, and contact information.

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, the title page should include the title of the paper, the author's name and institutional affiliation (if any), and a running head.

It helps your reader with highlighting a more broad topic and emphasizes the general thematics.

All these requirements may seem unimportant, but believe or not, they influence the look of your cover page a lot.How all the mentioned points should be fulfilled and what information exactly they should content?Each of these elements has a few obligatory writing rules to be followed.And of course, if you aren't sure you are formatting your title page or paper properly, send it over to our essay proofreaders for a style check.Running head: CRITIQUING RATSMITH’S THEORY OF MODERN PUMPKINOLOGY Critiquing Paul Ratsmith's Theory of Modern Pumpkinology: The Truth about Pumpkins and Rats Jennifer J.Writing at school can take many forms, and each of the assignments has its own unique purpose.One of the tasks that you may be faced with is term paper.The running head may be the same as the paper's title if it is less than 50 characters—if not, a shortened title is necessary.The running head begins with the phrase "Running head," which is followed by a colon, and then the abbreviated title in capital letters.This research was supported in part by grants from the Important Studies Grant Program, the Institute for Wildlife Truth, and the National Squash Foundation.Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Jennifer Jennings, Department of Animal-Vegetation Liaisons, University of Nowheresville, Nowheresville, MI 55555.


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