Application Acceptance Letter

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Give all necessary details for enrollment, as well as your contact information in case there are any questions or problems.

Close with an appropriate expression of thanks for the student’s application and sign and date the letter correctly as will be shown below in an example.

These events teach you more about the campus and what kinds of opportunities and support the school offers; they also encourage you to attend the school.

The ending paragraphs in a typical college acceptance letter give you details about the deadline by which you must make and submit your college decision (i.e., whether or not you’ll be attending the school). By that point, you should have gotten admissions decisions from all the schools you've applied to (unless you’ve been waitlisted somewhere and are waiting to see whether you’ll get off the waitlist).

Whereas fall means college application season, spring means admission notifications time.

All high school seniors want to get a college acceptance letter to their top-choice school.When corresponding with a student to notify him or her of the college acceptance, it is very important to know how to write a proper and professional university acceptance letter.This is a great way to show the student that he or she has made a good choice and can expect a proper level of formality in communicative procedure.Below are examples of the types of words and phrases commonly used in the first paragraph of an admittance letter: Naturally, there’s a lot of variation with the phrases here, but the examples above are fairly representative of what you’ll see in the opening of a college acceptance letter.After the paragraph containing the offer of admission, you'll typically get a couple of sentences (which are really just compliments) about how your application stood out, how competitive the applicant pool was this year, and/or how you should be proud of yourself for getting in.It congratulates the student in a sincere yet professional manner and informs her on what steps she should take next in order to be enrolled. Burkhard, On behalf of everyone at ABC University, I am pleased to congratulate you on our acceptance of your application.We were very impressed by your academic history and achievements and feel that you would make an excellent addition to the ABC University alumni.Sample If you are not sure just what words to say in your letter, you may find it very helpful to look at an example.Here is a formal university acceptance letter sample to a student whose application has just been accepted.Click here to see a real follow-up letter to a college acceptance letter from NYU.These days, most colleges will first and sometimes only notify applicants of their admissions decisions electronically, either through an online portal or by email.


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