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Information about admission on a non-degree basis is here.

Submatriculants should have an adequate background to pass the Written Preliminary Examination upon admission to the program.

The Master's degree in mathematics encompasses the basic graduate curriculum in mathematics, and also offers the opportunity of some more specialized training in an area of interest.

Students in the masters program take at least eight graduate courses from the list of approved courses numbered 500 and above, including at least one each in applied algebra, applied analysis, probability and statistics, and numerical methods.

With permission of the Graduate Group Chair, certain courses with a 400-number may be counted toward the course requirement for the Masters degree.

The Masters of Arts program in AMCS is intended for students who wish to go into professional careers in Applied Mathematics, or wish to obtain sufficient background in Applied Mathematics to be a strong candidate for a doctoral program in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics, Financial Mathematics etc.

Applied Math Thesis Dimensions Of Health And Wellness Essay

While an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, or Applied Mathematics is not required, applicants to the program should have taken sufficiently many advanced undergraduate mathematics courses so that their interest in and aptitude for mathematics can be assessed.

Cooperative preparation is encouraged, as it is for all examinations.

Students may also find the following books helpful: Buck, .

The other courses can be in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, and courses offered by other departments, which make essential usage of advanced mathematics. students in allied fields of study can apply to enter the masters program in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science.

Every student's program of study must be approved by the graduate group chair. Successfully completing the requirements for this program would allow them to earn both degrees simultaneously.


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