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It can take different forms in different cultures and this needs to be taken into consideration when assessing critical results.The term "critical" in this context is not meant in a negative sense; rather it outlines a process of thinking.It is a defensible position reached through the examination of ideas, issues or sources.

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As you study Social Influence, make full use of the tutor2u study notes on social influence and also our revision quizzes on social influence.

Agentic state Individual carries out the orders of another person, acting as their agent with little personal responsibility Authoritarian personality A person who has extreme respect for authority and is obedient to those who have power over them Autonomous state Where individuals are seen as personally responsible for their actions Cognitive dissonance Unpleasant feeling of anxiety created when simultaneously holding two contradictory ideas Compliance Superficial type of conformity where people conform publicly by privately disagree Confederates Alternative term for stooges or pseudo-participants Conformity Changing what we do think or say in response to others Dehumanisation Degrading people by lessening their human qualities Deindividuation When a person moves into a group and as a result loses some individual identity Dispositional attribution Explanation of individual behavior as a result caused by internal characteristics that reside within the individual Identification Where people change their beliefs (sometimes temporarily) to fit in with a group Individual variables Personal characteristics that affect the degree to which individuals yield to group pressures Internalisation Where people change their beliefs permanently Ironic deviance Takes place when we believe that the behaviour of the majority is the result of unreasonable pressure from authority Locus of control Extent to which individuals believe they can control events in their lives Majority influence Alternative term for conformity Milgram paradigm Experimental procedure for measuring obedience rates Minority influence Where a individual or small group influence attitudes and behaviour of a larger group Morality Decisions and behaviour based upon the perception of proper conduct Obedience Complying with the demands of an authority figure Personality Combination of characteristics that forms an individual's distinctive nature Reactance Occurs when a person feels that someone or something is taking away his or her choices or limiting the range of alternatives Situational variables Features of an environment that affect the degree to which individuals yield to group pressures Social change The process by which attitudes, beliefs and norms of acceptable behaviour vary over time Social roles The parts individuals play as part of a social group Social support Perception of assistance and solidarity available from others Status The position of an individual within a hierarchical group Systematic processing Analysis based on critical thinking Unanimity Complete agreement from a group of people about an issue or question Join 1000s of fellow Psychology teachers and students all getting the tutor2u Psychology team's latest resources and support delivered fresh in their inbox every morning.

The National Curriculum (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) programme of study for Key Stage 3 Art and Design states: Critical Understanding The Edexcel GCSE assessment grid asks students to: 'Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding realising intentions and, where appropriate, making connections between visual, written, oral or other elements.' The revision website, BBC Bitesize, aimed to support students through GCSE exams and coursework states: 'Critical understanding is about reflecting on your own work and that of other artists, designers and craftspeople.

You need to be able to look closely at how artists and designers communicate their ideas, feelings and beliefs through their work.

Your knowledge of the work of others should help you to develop your thinking, and this influence should be apparent in your own work.' The ability to think critically is an important skill when approaching the question of research and particularly the use of the Internet as a research tool in schools.

Learning to use the Internet safely and successfully is considered by some to be a vital element of education in contemporary society.Reach the audience you really want to apply for your teaching vacancy by posting directly to our website and related social media audiences.For revision this week my Year 11 students have been completing an AQA #thinkingquilt, an idea which I adapted from Karen Knight (@KNNTeach Learn).In the Advanced Notes, specific sections on critical thinking, and advice on how to read critically yourself, enable you to engage with the text in new and different ways.York Notes offer an exciting and accessible key to your text, enabling you to develop your ideas and transform your studies!With this definition it is necessary to be clear about how rare a trait or behavior needs to be before we class it as abnormal For instance one may say that an individual who has an IQ below or above the average level of IQ in society is abnormal.However this definition obviously has limitations, it fails to recognize the desirability of the particular behavior.You can also follow @tutor2u Psych on Twitter, subscribe to our You Tube channel, or join our popular Facebook Groups.Anne is a highly experienced teacher who was also Head of Psychology in a sixth form college for a number of years.Using various colours, students must match the relevant information to the correct case study example.For low ability students, or those who have completed limited revision, a bespoke case study booklet was also made available for reference.


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