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Did your school ever get feedback about why the compositions/performances were so low?We asked for a copy of the marked papers but they got lost in the post or something because they never turned up even after chasing it several times =/ I got a U in it, I would have graded myself as a high D or low C (and I tend to be harsh with self grading) - it wasn't amazing but it followed all harmonic rules e.g.The opportunity to receive centre visits from our Regional Support Team This subject uses e-submission for the submission of candidate work to EDUQAS for moderated or assessed units/components.

Courses are available all over the UK as well as online.

Hi there, I'm selling my AQA A Level Psychology essay plans.

This resource includes essay questions for the new AQA A-level Spanish.

Some of these essay questions have been written by us and some of them have been taken from the specimen, the 2001-2009 specification and Edexcel’s specimen papers.

I'm doing chamber music since I still have all my annotated scores from last year, but I'm struggling to find example essay questions - only got 5 compared to the 11 titles that I've managed to find for Mahler questions. I'm doing the free composition for MUSC5, and i'm really really struggling with the review/appraisal you have to write to accompany it.

The teacher has given us no help with it and it has to be in for tuesday!

I did the 2019 exams and achieved a grade A overall (getting an A* in Paper 2) thanks to these essay plans that I made.

Essays are for topics: P1: Social Influence P1: Memory P1: Attachment P1: Psychopathology P2: Approaches P2: Biopsychology P3: Issues and Debates P3: Relationships P3: Schizophrenia P3: Forensic Psychology Let me know if you're interested.

Asides from my own experience, I attend a private weekend music school (that doesn't do A-levels, I go there for ABRSM exams and general musicianship skills) and my Aural teacher said that the students at his school had a similar experience and that some of his best students who were incorporating more complex harmonies such as chromatic passages and neapolitan 6ths and the like were being marked down because of "confused harmony", even when pointing out what they had done in their report whereas those who had been doing very basic and just passable harmonies had been scored highly.

I remember him mentioning that he was appealing against the exam board or something to that effect because of how widespread it seems to have been but I don't know if anything came of that. this is all referring to the Bach/String quartet section, I have no personal experience with the other sections) So who is doing what for MUSC5?


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    This resource includes essay questions for the new AQA A-level Spanish. Some of these essay questions have been written by us and some of them have been taken from the specimen, the 2001-2009 specification and Edexcel’s specimen papers. Please note you.…

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