Argument Essay Music Education

Painting, English, and Drama, are all classes that can be considered as being part of an art based curriculum, whereas music education can be viewed as just one aspect of it.

Students can feel confident in their academic abilities by being a part of any one of these, and not just through playing music.

Whatever the expense, they all cost money and need funding.

The funds needed for most other organizations would generally come from fundraisers, or even finding sponsorship. It seemed like half my time as a girl scout went to doing car washes, yard sales, and of course the infamous cookie sales to pay for our trips, events and uniforms. If someday, Cercones nightmare becomes a reality, then self-funding would salvage the program so that it may go on to continue benefiting California's students.

Our mentoring Program matches younger educators with more experienced Master Teachers under the direction of our Instructional Coach, an 18-year veteran teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education.

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If the music education is removed from public schools, students will not lose out on the chance to learn the core values that Cercone expressed.

These core values can still be achieved, despite which activity a student chooses to engage in.

She pleads that, “schools are cutting music programs out of their systems budget, depriving willing students the ability to learn and make music” (42).

She enforces her argument by explaining that music education improves concentration, positive attitudes, and maintains discipline.


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