Argumentative Essay Antigone

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One of the most significant moments in the play is when Antigone rejects her sister’s attempt to share the blame.

Even though she spent some time trying to persuade Ismene that it was her duty to defy Creaon, as mentioned above, she then mocks Ismene and even accuses her of trying to get the credit for burying the body without actually doing the work!

She makes a big thing of the noble reputation that she and her sister Ismene have gained from their famous father, Oedipus.

Antigone tries to persuade Ismene to share the blame with her, and she does this by trying to blackmail her with reference to their ancestors: “Antigone: Now you know, and you’ll quickly demonstrate whether you are nobly born, or else a girl unworthy of her splendid ancestors”.

From this perspective Polyneices has to die, and Creon has to enforce the law, because it is their destiny to do so. Antigone’s destiny is to be a woman and stand by with no power, watching this happening, and mourning her brother and the shame of his non-buried state.

If she had truly been heroic, then she would have faced up to the consequences of her actions in defying Creaon.For fear that he would kill his foster father and marry the mother he recognized as his own, Oedipus left the city and went to Thebes and there killed his real father.During that time, the city was plagued by a sphinx which ate the men who were not able to answer his riddles.......?Journal Entry Antigone by Sophocles is about Antigone’s struggles with what she thinks is right versus what Creon believes is right.They have differences in what morality is about and who should define it. Inserts His/her Inserts Inserts Grade Inserts Here (Day, Month, Year) Antigone Aristotle, a logician and teacher born in the first quarter of the fourth century, to turn into not only the most vital representative of Greek dramatic disparagement, but also one of the most vital influences in all the history of literature. Topic Journal Antigone: Part PREVIEW When you finish Antigone (section 2 of this lesson), you’ll write an essay analyzing the causes and/or effects of an issue, situation, or event in your journal.Your textbook explains the assignment this way: “…you’ll help readers understand an event or situation by explaining Why did it happen? (its effects).” You can read more description about the essay on pages 752-756.Antigone is not concerned so much about her brother, but she really is concerned about her own reputation.She fears being criticized by other people and the whole point about burying Polyneices is to make sure that she avoids any scandal coming back to affect her.However, unable to let the child die, the servant gave the child to another servant who in turn brought him to the king and queen of Corinth who adopted him and was named Oedipus.When he grew up, an oracle of Delphi repeated the prophecy told to his parents.


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