Arguments Against Human Cloning Essay

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The most frequently stated argument against cloning is based on safety concerns.

After the news of Dolly, President Clinton convened the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) to review the legal and ethical issues of the potential cloning of a human.

Just as with animals, cloning humans will never produce exact copies.

Other false views persist in the language of cloning, namely equating cloning with reproduction, and equating cloning with the birth of identical twins.

Cloning is not just another reproductive technology that should be made available to those who choose to use it, but is an unnecessary and dangerous departure from evolutionary processes and social practices that have developed over millions of years.

As with many other developments in biotechnology, some scientists and commentators are asking us to accept cloning of humans just because it is technically possible, but there are few good reasons to develop the technology, and many reasons not to develop it.A cloned individual would be one made by scientists, using a pre-existing genetic configuration, without the joining of gametes from two people.The cloning process is not sexual reproduction, but is more akin to asexual replication of organisms that simply split in two.It would be a mistake to develop and use cloning as a technique to replicate human beings.It is questionable what benefits would be gained from the successful creation of a cloned human being, if any, and whether they would justify the radical impact cloning would have on our society.The NBAC heard testimony and read opinions on the multitude of complex issues surrounding human cloning, but in the end, the NBAC based its recommendation for a three to five year moratorium on human cloning in the United States on safety concerns.At this point in the process of experimenting with cloning, safety is an important concern.The goal is not to copy everything about the animal, only the property that has been engineered into it.The desire of some genetic engineers to gain control over the innermost workings of animals fueled the further development of cloning technology.This announcement illustrates the false view held by many that cloning will result in exact copies of existing, or dead, individuals. The cloning process would never produce an exact copy of the cloned person.Though an individual manufactured by cloning would posses the same genetic sequence as the person whose nucleus was used other factors also substantially affect the development of an individual.


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