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The core courses also include the management and evaluation of technology and communications skills.

Refer to Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Classes for additional information and procedures for obtaining permission for Mixed Credit.“The ASIIN quality seal for study programs provides assurance that subject specific quality standards of the academic discipline and of the profession for which that program prepares are met at high level.It confirms further that a suitable framework for good teaching and successful learning is provided.Entry Requirements a) Bachelors degree in Physics or courses related to physics, with good cumulative grade point average (CGPA) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or other universities approved by the Senate; or b) Other relevant professional/vocational qualifications equivalent to a bachelors degree in physics or relevant experience approved by the Senate.Students with a degree in courses related to physics must officially register for selected prerequisite courses offered at the undergraduate level. Programme Structure This is a coursework programme offered only to full-time candidates.Candidates for this programme are required to pass 40 credit hours course, comprising 28 credit hours of core courses and 12 credit hours elective courses.Courses Offered Core courses STPD6014 Research Methodology STSP6014 Method of Instrumentation Analysis STSP6023 Applied Quantum Mechanics STSP6033 Advanced Mathematical Methods STSP6043 Advanced Computational Physics STSP6053 Advanced Electromagnetism STSP6972 Research Project I STSP6986 Research Project II Elective courses STSP6113 Physical Metallurgy STSP6123 Advanced Polymer STSP6133 Biomaterials STSP6143 Materials Design and Modeling STSP6153 Materials and Composites Technology STSP6163 Corrosion Control and Monitoring STSP6173 Science and Agro materials Technology STSP6313 Semiconductor Physics and Devices STSP6323 Superconductor and Magnetism STSP6333 Thin-Film Technology STSP6343 Nanotechnology STSP6373 Applied Optics and Optoelectronics STSP6383 Sensor and System STSP6513 Physics of Diagnostic Radiology STSP6523 Physics of Radiation Therapy STSP6533 Medical Nuclear Physics STSP6713 Statistical Mechanics STSP6723 Introduction to Non-linear Dynamics Theory STSP6733 Fluctuations in Physical Systems STSP6743 Space Physics STSP6753 Physics of Modern Imaging STSP6773 Modification of Wood STSP6793 Nuclear Techniques in Industry & Research Introduction Energy is the most important resource for the development of a country.Other emerging areas are fuel cells, solar cells, graphen carbon materials, integrated-circuit chips, and superconducting materials.Students conduct hands-on research training at the Interdisciplinary Materials Research and Education Laboratory (IMREL).Here’s what our alumni saying: To be admitted as a regular graduate student to a two-year Master’s program at MISIS, an applicant must have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.The deadline to submit an application for fall 2019 is July 10.


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