Assigned Parking Spaces

Paved parking lots increase water runoff, so a higher stormwater fee is assessed to lot owners.All of those costs are transferred to users directly in the form of paid parking or indirectly in the form of higher prices for goods, rent, and home ownership.

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While we should discourage auto use in favor of walking, cycling, and mass transportation, this can only be done when those other options not only exist, but are feasible alternatives for getting to and from work.

We need to address parking outrage, but we should tread carefully in initiating too many parking restrictions when public transit isn’t yet a viable option for most people.

The owner is then at the mercy of it “reasonably” appearing to a police officer that the owner does not intend to move the car before the car is towed at the owner’s expense.

The other concern is with people who live outside of a neighborhood continually taking parking spots to the detriment of those who live in the neighborhood.

Whether we like it or not, Atlanta is currently an auto-dependent city and car ownership is a requisite for many activities, including going to work or visiting friends.

As transportation options increase, permit parking should also increase.

While they may take their car out to the store over the course of five days, neighbors may not notice the car’s movement.

Angry neighbors can then call the police to start the process of having it towed.

After five days, a car can be towed if it reasonably appears to a police officer that the car’s owner does not intend to return and move the car.

[1]While the law may have good intentions, it seems to have been written by someone who has never lived in a place with no assigned parking spots.


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