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When she’s in down n’ dirty revenge mode, she cuts an imposing presence and does the noir anti-hero thing rather well.

When she’s in down n’ dirty revenge mode, she cuts an imposing presence and does the noir anti-hero thing rather well.

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The red flags are raised from the start as Sigourney Weaver, suggesting a wax museum Hannibal Lecter, is introduced in a straitjacket playing a calculating, Shakespeare-quoting mental ward patient and disgraced reconstructive surgeon who exacted a decidedly unorthodox retribution on the guy responsible for taking a hit out on her brother.

That would be the snarling Frank Kitchen (Michelle Rodriguez, initially outfitted with unconvincing facial hair and prosthetics), who regains consciousness in a sleazy motel room to make the shocking discovery that he’s no longer a he.

Much of the plot is dolled out through Weaver’s villainess being prodded by psychiatrist Tony Shalhoub in a mental institution. is a film that is at once self-aware and somewhat lost.

Weaver’s performance is as coldly controlled as it is hysterically arch, toying with her persona and tossing in a little Dr. She’s the best part of the film and her character’s amusingly absurd obsession with classic literature leads her to delivering a few rants about the importance of separating stories from politics in a manner that feels like Hill preaching and partially apologizing. Hill uses plenty of the comic book frame scene transitions that he added to his director’s cut of The Warriors to both acknowledge the comic book roots of the film (he published a graphic novel before production) as well as insist that this is all fictitious pulp not meant to be take too seriously.

There’s also a chance that Hill simply went off the rails with this one and delivered something so wildly lurid and insane that it’s a jaw-dropper of ill-conceived bad taste. That’s certainly an achievement of in and of itself.

Either way, the flick is never boring for a second.

Seeking vengeance, Frank heads for a showdown with the person (Sigourney Weaver) who transformed him, a brilliant surgeon with a chilling agenda of her own.

stars Michelle Rodriguez as Frank Kitchen, an ace hitman who sets out a revenge spree after he is captured by a sadistic, amoral surgeon (Sigourney Weaver) and subject to a forced gender reassignment surgery. As you might expect, it’s already taken some heat from trans advocacy groups for casting a cisgender woman in the lead role in addition to the obvious indelicateness of the plot. I’m always conflicted when it comes to overtly provocative garbage like this.

It’s clear the guy still has chops as a filmmaker, which makes the scenes when the movie departs into inexplicable insanity even more head-scratching.

There’s a chance that the joke is on us and in a few years Assignment will play like self-aware camp released in an era too sensitive to notice. I sure as hell won’t be able to scrape whatever the hell this was from my mind any time soon.


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