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Students’ motivation and perceived learning outcomes are measured by means of a self-report: Three of the four homework assignments (jigsaw, preparing analytical skills, and the fragmented assessment) showed increase in student engagement compared to the baseline of the first two classes. Studies have characterized high school students, in particular, as bored, staring out classroom windows, counting the seconds for the bell to ring, and pervasively disengaged from the learning process (Goodlad ).Student effort, or the extent to which students perform activities in school, is a major indicator of the engagement with school learning (Astin ) found another indicator of student engagement with learning and school.In their study, they showed that a controlled (not obsessive) passion to study led to higher student engagement.This post is a follow-up to our recent post, Students Learn Best When You Do This.Now, in my final post from students at a typical US High School, I end on an upbeat note: what students say is the best assignment they have had this year. (Ed note: 2–numbers 28 and 40–were brutally honest, yes?Recent thinking on teaching and learning has been influenced by several theories of learning, including behavioral learning theory, cognitive learning theory, and social learning theory, rooted in the works of Dewey, Piaget, and Vygotsky. (), in their constructivist approach to learning with technology, described instructional principles or characteristics of learning environments which are based on a synthesis of several theories of learning.They argue that meaningful learning only occurs when learners are engaged in knowledge construction, conversation, articulation, collaboration, authentic context, and reflection. La=function();Id=function();Id=function(a);;;function mj(a) C(mj, E);r=mj.prototype;r. La=function();Id=function();Id=function(a);;;function nj(a) C(nj, E);nj.prototype. La=function();function oj(a) C(oj, E);r=oj.prototype;r. La=function();Id=function();Id=function(a);;;function pj(a) C(pj, E);function qj(a) C(qj, E);function rj(a) C(rj, E);var sj=[6,7];rj.prototype. Wd=function();function hj(a) C(hj, E);hj.prototype.kd=ca(1);hj.prototype. Mc=function(a);function ij(a) C(ij, E);var jj=[1];function kj(a) C(kj, E);kj.Style=function();function lj(a) C(lj, E);r=lj.prototype;r. What, then, is preventing the typical HS I was intrigued here both by the variety and by the fact that students did not necessarily gravitate towards the traditional “fun” activities, like videos, posters, etc.Resumes, speeches, and the like provide crucial communication skills, and well-trained students intuitively get that they have value.


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