Athletes Paid Too Much Thesis

Athletes Paid Too Much Thesis-50
Plus, we tend to forget that published professional athletes’ salaries are gross salaries.

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If I went to school my entire life to be a doctor, then I’d probably be a doctor right about now. Whether you’re becoming a doctor or a pro athlete, it requires the same level of dedication and hours spent. If you put 20,000 hours into being a doctor, then you’ll probably be a doctor.Here’s another thing: the world of sport is a billion-dollar industry.Between ticket sales, merchandise, television deals, concessions and everything in between, owners make an absurd amount of money off these franchises.Aside from federal, state and city taxes and pension, which everyone pays, players also need to pay agent fees, a ,000 union due, and a Jock Tax for each of their away games, among others.Sure, their net salaries may be higher than ours, but they are still lower than we tend to think and much lower than what is published.He’s Le Bron James and nobody else on the planet can accomplish what he does.He’s one of a kind and should be compensated accordingly.Nobody is showing up hours early to an open clinic to catch a glimpse of the doctor walking into the office.Kids don’t have posters on their walls of their favorite psychologist or have valuable signed playing cards of the world’s best cardiologist.The fact that not just anyone can do it, and you need to be blessed with an otherworldly talent in order to participate, makes it worth the money.Nobody is paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to watch a teacher grade tests.


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