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) Perhaps you are shooting for an international bestseller? Perhaps you are among the many traditionally published authors disillusioned with the industry who are turning to self-publishing and creating your own small press.

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Whenever you have to make a decision, you can return to your mission statement to help determine if the action you are about to take serves it.

You may be tempted to skip this step and just blindly jump into publishing your book, but think it out, write it down and modify it as you become more aware of the challenges of becoming an author.

Softening the corporate jargon, but not shying away from the necessary, this business plan offers a way to explore, understand and grow your publishing and writing.

Includes: a free downloadable workbook to guide you through the business planning process.

The Leanpub iterative publishing platform allows you to sell as you write your book, or to serialize your book.

Your bookselling journey may be a short one, or it might be a long, fluid, and creative process. Use your website for direct sales in your own on-line store for both print and digital books.

If you are a one-book author, your business plan might consist of one simple document.

If you are planning many books, or your book is tied to a product or service, it will necessarily be more complicated.

Authors have told me again and again that this step has helped give them a reality check and eased their mind about writing and publishing. Is your mission to change the world, to make money, to support your business, to leave a family legacy?

Your goal may be to entertain or inform a small audience‚ a family or community‚ or a larger audience in a geographic area, profession, lifestyle, or interest group.


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