Auto-Ethnographic Thesis

I emit a warm glow, happy that other Twitter users will be able to find me when they search for autoethnography. They have found an abstract from an article in an academic journal that publishes research addressing issues of social justice and education. It's called going through your yearbooks and making up stuff," says one. " Some are a little more aggressive: "Here's a definition of autoethnography for you.

The selected article explores the contradictions between the author's educational autobiography and the representations of schooling found in his school yearbooks. 'Creating a bunch of bullshit from something I did'." And finally: "Just Googled autoethnography.

Apparently being a self-absorbed c**t is now academically lauded" [] Journals publishing autoethnographic research are not immune from the Twitter hostility either. It gets over 400 hits in the journal 'Qualitative Inquiry'," exclaims a user in horror. Trolling Finding a consistent definition of trolling is an arduous endeavor.

Another replies (sarcastically I suspect) "That's one of the leading journals that promotes this 'innovative' methodology." Finally, a different user notes that the journal in question is "like a psychiatric ward that academics think is a resort. Am I upset that someone is finding fault with autoethnography? I am not in the slightest bit surprised that criticism of autoethnography exists on Twitter. There is a lack of "clarity and agreement" about what constitutes a troll or trolling behavior (FICHMAN & SANFILIPPO, 2016, p.6).

There it is, my trusty list of commonly used definitions of autoethnography.

Glancing at the contents, my eyes select: "Autoethnography is an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze ()" (ELLIS, ADAMS & BOCHNER, 2011, §1). a form of self-narrative that places the self within a social context.

When I discarded the purely unpleasant personal tweets, looked beyond the hostile tone of some comments, and focused on the tweets containing healthy criticism I found three core accusations against autoethnographers. I do so autoethnographically, laying bare my own doubts, struggles, and charges against myself, in the hope of presenting a continuing challenge to traditional, restrictive notions of research and the way we have access to and understand the world. Hello Twitter In my empty office, free from the distraction of students and colleagues, I am in the zone. Increasing numbers of articles, book chapters, snippets of blogs, presentations, and papers make their way across my desk, covering it like wallpaper. The space bar is sticky, no doubt made slow by some remnant of foodstuff that crept in there many months (years? ELLIS and BOCHNER argued for the researcher's personal experience, emotions and interactions to be the center of the narrative. I'm editing a Power Point presentation called "What's the story, autoethnography?

Throughout the video, as though to demonstrate this approach, both told stories about their professional and personal lives, how they came to autoethnography, and the question of legitimacy in social science research. " There's a staff research seminar coming up soon, and I'm going to talk about my chosen methodology publicly, in open forum, to my colleagues for the first time.

: Online hostility and mockery, often known as "trolling," is a phenomenon almost as old as the internet itself.

Nevertheless, the rise in trolling aimed at researchers using non-traditional, creative methodologies, such as autoethnography, remains severely under-explored.


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