Bacteriology Lab Report

Bacteriology Lab Report-10
Most disease-causing bacteria will grow enough to be seen within one to two days, but it can take some organisms five days or longer.There are many different types of bacteria culture tests.

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The symptoms vary depending on the type of infection.

Your test sample doesn't contain enough cells for your health care provider to detect an infection.

Studied Clinical Bioanalytics at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and Process Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Bacteria are a large group of one-celled organisms. Some types of bacteria are harmless or even beneficial. A bacteria culture test can help find harmful bacteria in your body.

The cells in your sample will be taken to a lab and put in a special environment in a lab to encourage cell growth. But some types of bacteria grow slowly, and it may take several days or longer.

Bacteria culture tests are used to help diagnose certain types of infections.The most common types of bacteria tests and their uses are listed below.Throat Culture Your health care provider may order a bacteria culture test if you have symptoms of a bacterial infection.The use of solid media for the culturing of microorganisms allows the isolation of clonal lines in which all the cells in a colony are derived from a single progenitor cell.Furthermore, the ability of different bacterial isolates to grow on solid media can be used as a diagnostic assay, as can the morphology of the resulting colonies. luteus) onto standard nutrient agar (NA) plates, and onto a selective medium (EMB agar) to test which strain was capable of growth.We collaborate with Laboratory of Bioinformatics of dr.Vohradský at the Institute of Microbiology of the ASCR ( ).We are also interested in the life stage spore germination that appears after the dormancy state and it is not yet fully understood in .During spore germination cells awake its metabolism and start to form vegetative mycelium.They provide bioinformatical support for measured data gained from our experiments.They simulate and predict regulatory processes in the cells, identify and predict functions of sigma factors, small regulatory RNAs etc.


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