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Financial organizations of all sizes have the ability to use data and advanced analytics to proactively engage with consumers in ways that will save them time and money.

Financial organizations of all sizes have the ability to use data and advanced analytics to proactively engage with consumers in ways that will save them time and money.

The demise of those organizations that are just going through the motions of strategic planning may not occur in the next 2-3 years, but the marketplace will soon reward the banks and credit unions that have prepared for a new banking era.

Every year, the Digital Banking Report does research on the Trends and Predictions for the upcoming year.

If an organization is not committed to implementing the strategy, the planning effort may turn into a demoralizing factor . A plan may fail if the right people are not involved in the process.

Or if the effort is just a minor iteration of past annual efforts.

But strategic planning without action is worse than doing nothing at all.

The benefits of strategic planning are well documented.This shortcoming has plagued the industry for several decades.The impact of not adjusting to market realities has been camouflaged by positive financial results (in most cases).For the past few years, the top trends mirrored the top strategic objectives mentioned by financial services organizations worldwide.The top five areas that almost every organization agreed upon as being important for success (in slightly different orders each year) were: These are all valid objectives, with the prioritization of these objectives being different at every organization.Most institutions must re-calibrate how they engage with their customers and members to reach the potential that strategic planning is meant to achieve.Virtually every strategic plan goal or objective requires the application of data and advanced analytics to maximize success.Unfortunately, just having a strategic plan is not enough.At many financial institutions, the strategic planning process fails because the planning is done simply to say that bank or credit union has a plan.More than 50% of banking transactions are now conducted through digital channels.This not only impacts how a consumer researches and selects their financial institution, but also how transactions are conducted.


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