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I don’t think I’m alone in saying that Paul Graham used to be one of my heroes.My memories of my first steps into the world of software development are no longer crisp.Trying to cope with the fact that he has done quite well for himself, having accumulated massive amounts of wealth, respect, Twitter followers — whatever measurement you want. You could subject yourself and your beliefs to a harsh cross-examination. if you’ve done well in life, because then you feel like the world has validated you, and so your whole self-image is thoroughly and inextricably entangled in your success.

Anyone who challenges this narrative is challenging your very conception of who you are.

I’ve been following Paul Graham’s trajectory — his writing, interviews, tweets — over pretty much the last decade, and I’ve slowly watched him turn into someone whose views I find increasingly bizarre.

Someone who seems to be turning inward just when the rest of the world is starting to wake up. It’s one of those expressions that kind of doesn’t need a definition — the metaphor’s pretty clear.

Convenient for you, harmful for anyone who has a reason to be emotional about something.

You know, anyone who might be facing any sort of threat or oppression or injustice, who is unable to detach from their pain enough to speak about it calmly. And so the result of this line of thinking is to justify the status quo.


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