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As we all know, some babies can be VERY mischievous, some also can be perfect little angels.

Now to explain these things into detail: Realizing that the way you turn out is no one's fault but your own. Of course people will throw facts at you about carbon dating and such.

You are responsible for your own actions, no one can be at fault for something you have done, for you ultimately, choose your own path. You view, opinions, religion, and is not better than someone else's, nor is it worse. They will say that the earth is so many billions of millions of years old, or we have blah blah blah amount of time until the sun explodes in a big mass of fire, killing us and destroying the earth and the rest of the solar system.

Nothing in this essay can be counted as fact, and nothing here can really be counted as fiction. What you are is the result of your efforts, and what no one else has made you to be. Some of them small; some of them large; some, well just not important enough to really care about.

But take heart; these are but the opinions, of one person. People are born nothing; they are raised something. But, like all things in life, you must not let others make your decisions for you, you must take the bull by the horns and make your own decisions. You must make your own decisions in life, you control your own destiny, you are your own worst enemy, you are your own best friend.

Something is created or fades out of existence when it feels like it.

I'm not saying that certain things don't have limits to how long they can exist in this universe. But, being conscious of things, your life limit may be under the average, or go beyond the average. Webster's Dictionary defines "Religion" as: A belief is separate from a religion.

But your choices are affected by your environment and how you were raised, unless you have a strong willpower and are able to make your own decisions early in life.

Some philosophers of old condemn humans, some, praise them.

Human-beings have the ability to do whatever they wish to do. A belief -- something you believe in -- can be many things.

You probably believe that the sky is blue and the grass is green.


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