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It doesn‘t offer the haptic feedback that you get when you write with a pen on paper.

That was until the Paper Like Screen Protector recently landed a hit on Kickstarter.

Paper Like gives you more control over the strokes when you write or sketch with the Apple Pencil in apps like Good Notes or Procreate.

We were worried that the coarse-grained texture would harm the Pencil‘s tip but it did not turn out to be true.

The screen protector is a great addition for people that write, sketch or take notes on their i Pads.

It sticks to the surface well and does not peel off easily (we tested it for over 6 weeks and it is still sticking to the surface). The writing experience feels much more natural than before but sacrifices have to be made.Being a Good Notes user means getting value beyond the simple use of the product.Our team is on a mission to help you to leave paper behind and is constantly reviewing new products that will assist you along the way.However, if you’re looking for a way to enhance the writing and note-taking experience with the Apple Pencil, Paper Like and other similar products will be a good fit for you.About Good Notes: Our app Good Notes 4 is the leading app for handwritten notes worldwide.The way they are designed makes it simple to add some color to your life, whether you wish to make a mural or create a sign.Let’s look at some of the best pens on the market for drawing on wood.In the case of Paper Like, it is the screen’s resolution and brightness, which is reduced a bit due to the coarse-grained texture.Pros: If you’re mainly using your i Pad to watch movies, or present photos to people, you might want to invest in another screen protector, that does not reduce the screen’s brightness and resolution.Good thing that the Paper Like always comes in double-packs.Once you managed to stick the screen protector to the i Pad‘s surface, you‘ll get experience surprisingly great writing feeling.


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