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It can also be advantageous to have more than one of these credentials.

I’ll start with a quick overview of all the main certifications and point of a few of their differences.

Each of the accounting designations are slightly different and have various career focuses.

Some of these might be the right fit for you while others won’t, depending on what you want want for your career.

This includes a bachelor’s degree with proper amounts of educational credits in specific subjects.

You will also need to meet the two years of work experience requirement in order to be certified.

CPAs also sign tax returns as paid preparers and represent clients in front of the IRS.

CPAs can really do it all and the title is considered one of the more general certifications in the field.

Enrolled agents do have several responsibilities that CPAs can do as well, such as signing tax returns as paid preparers and representing clients in front of the IRS.

This makes the EA designation somewhat useful in public accounting, but most states have additional laws for public firms that restrict ownership and authority to CPAs.


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