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This novel provides fodder for discussion on slavery, the social construction of race, and the empowerment of black women, as Roxy is arguably the smartest person in the novel despite her lack of formal education.Given the context of these texts, lyrics and explaining that we would watch the video and use it to write thesis statements [1].

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Others pointed out lyrics such as “My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana/ You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama” and “Earned all this money but they never take the country out me” that highlight the strength Beyoncé feels in her race and regional background.

Some students brought up how Beyoncé has been criticized for her daughter Blue Ivy’s afro hairstyle (Eggert), who is featured standing proudly in the video.

Many of my students were African-American and I wanted to show them a text that valued black lives for their very blackness.

In other words, I did not want them to see narratives of black people as a deficit (as is frequent in mainstream media), but a narrative that described strengths stemming from blackness.

The texts are diverse and include academic readings, novels, music, and film.

Aside from these public forms of pedagogy, college courses also center on Beyoncé.

While teaching World Literature and American Literature in a summer program for minoritized high school students, I wanted to incorporate contemporary texts into our discussions of (Twain) so that students could compare different black, African, and African-American experiences.

At the time of the lesson, we had already discussed themes in each text and how they related to current events, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality against people of color.

Some simply watched, some jotted down notes, but they were all completely engaged. Students brought up topics such as police shootings, the Black Lives Matter movement, black women’s empowerment, church services, black hair and a scene in a wig shop, pride in cultural heritage, and New Orleans.

The students reading noticed that there were historical references in the video, and that in some scenes the women were wearing clothes that looked like those worn during the time of the novel (early nineteenth century).


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