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While not in-depth studies, readers are introduced to these painting masters personally and stylistically, with enough information for reports. –Breezy writing and brief chapters promote brisk reading.Information is basic and simplified; sentences are terse and comprehensible.

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Each subject comes alive with simple, clear sentences covering childhood and life accomplishments. Subjects are treated respectfully and fairly; where applicable, failings and scandalous behaviors are noted discreetly. –These exciting, well-written examinations of some bad guys (and one woman) offer compelling reading. A bounty of excellent black-and-white and color visuals, including period photos, drawings, and documents, evoke the flavor of the Old West (in Ned Kelly’s case, Old Aussie), as do hokey design elements—“fingerprints” and “bullet holes” that seem “shot through” the pages.

–This is a fine set for confident early to middle grade readers servicing both recreational reading and assignment purposes. For example, –This fascinating series for confident older readers is a boon for report writers with its fact-filled, even-handed analyses of these history-making women’s lives and accomplishments.

In this presidential election year, it’s no surprise that several publishers have issued titles about our past chief executives. While promoting inquiry-inspired learning, the question-and-answer format also invites confusion by juxtaposing a cartoon with a real person’s story that might leave children wondering what’s real. Each title sets artists and works in a historical, social, and artistic context.

Other notables take center stage in these sets, too—some literally, as in the case of a few popular performers and a renowned entertainment-empire builder—and personalities from various periods in history, from ancient times to the present, representing myriad fields of endeavor. Some subjects aren’t admirable at all, though what they lack in role-model worthiness, they make up for in fascinating reading that reveals much about the times and societies in which they lived. Then there’s the “time-difference factor”: Cub asks questions in the present tense, and “respondents,” all dead, answer thus—and compare their lives to today. Owing to the books’ apparent British authorship, –This series explains how forebears influenced recent presidents and their families who assumed the same or similar government positions, shaping politics thereafter.

The titles about the contemporary figures are current, but the time line in ISBN 9781943553327; ISBN 9781943553662.

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Also in each volume: a “Facts and Quotes” page highlighted by a statue or bust of the president. –Fact-laden volumes include excellent reproductions; works by contemporaries and modern-day artists inspired by these masters are displayed for comparison, and explanations of how these artists impacted future generations and were themselves influenced are clear. Photos relating to artists’ lives and careers enhance visual and informational strengths. Excellent reproductions are accompanied by informative captions; dates and the museums/collections and cities where they works are located are included.Most titles provide excellent classroom support and are also good sources of pleasure reading. Finally, a disclaimer in each title concedes the “interviews” aren’t each subject’s actual spoken words but comprise accurate, researched facts about his/her life. Other missteps: Earhart’s disappearance is mentioned only in her time line; includes the question “What did you think about being a slave? Still, these overviews give a sense of who these people were and are filled with color and high-quality contemporary photos and other visuals. A conversational, encouraging tone and large font promote fast reading, but the language is occasionally melodramatic. Personal flaws, scandals, and gaffes committed in office are included but sometimes given short shrift, as are some of FDR’s major policies. Younger and older students are fascinated by their own and others’ lives. ISBN 9781680482539; ISBN 9781508100584; ISBN 9781508100188. While always respecting the chief executives and their legacies, the authors’ consistent use of given names helps readers relate personally. Vocabulary words are bolded and defined on the same spread in a “Vocabulary Box.” Despite the serious content of some of these subjects, the tone remains light and focused on conveying the information in an accessible way. Fortunately, her book draws on modern scholarship while acknowledging ancient writings, casting a more favorable light on the queen’s character, achievements, and legacy. A “Rogues’ Gallery” in each title contains pictures and descriptions of other criminals of the era; occasional “Focus” spreads provide additional historical context about the legacy of each outlaw. The overall design is eye-catching with large fonts, numerous excellent photos, and colorful sidebars. Cleopatra’s complex romantic life and out-of-wedlock childbearing, Curie’s love affair in widowhood, and the Clintons’ marital woes are discussed, but the respective portrayals offer much more—no small feat in Cleopatra’s case, given the dearth of contemporary sources about her. Topping off the old-timey feel is the parchment look of the paper and generous use of “Old West-typewriter” fonts. Texts provide broad overviews of the presidents’ childhoods, early years, and terms in office—helping students discover these leaders’ very human sides. Balanced portrayals handle personal flaws and scandals, helping readers understand that even presidents, beleaguered by domestic and international troubles and political squabbling, succumb to human frailty. –Notable for their respectful, fair-minded tone, this series emphasizes four 20th century presidents’ virtues and how each impacted the United States. Students will learn about innovative chief executives who led the nation through critical periods—and whose influence, personalities, and will shaped the presidency and America ever after. The time lines in wordy descriptions of product production include only one small stock color photo each, whereas the other titles explain their methods creatively, with plenty of explanatory colored graphics. “Fun Facts” sidebars offer entertaining, educational bits of trivia and striking covers, colored banners, and numerous high-quality black-and-white and color photos of the products appropriately enliven the playful appearance. Interspersed quotes from the subject or a biographer help readers understand each subject better.


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