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In such a situation, religion, which was the main source of salvation for people, still played an important part in the life of people and explanation of the disease.Religious leaders of both Muslim and Christian worlds viewed the Black Death as the punishment for sins committed by humans.

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From the Mediterranean, the plague spread further throughout Europe affecting more and more countries.

In such a way, the plague spread throughout Europe in the course of several years and affected the large population of Europe causing numerous deaths and depopulation of Europe.

At the same time, the Black Death had not only a devastating demographic impact but also the disease had a disastrous economic impact on Europe as well as other countries of the world and, what is more, the disease contributed to the consistent change of social relations, re-evaluation of the lifestyle and values of people living in the pandemic-stricken Europe and other countries of the world.

In such a way, the Black Death affected the demographic situation in Europe and other countries of the world, changed socioeconomic relations and provoked re-consideration of basic values and beliefs of people living in that time.

At the same time, symptoms of the disease were different in the East and in the West.

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To put it more precisely, the nose bleeding in the East was the major symptom, which marked the upcoming death of patients.Towns and cities were full of decaying filth, which contributed to the rise of the rat population, which also contributed to the fast spread of the plague in Europe.People did not how to treat the disease and they did not know how to prevent the spread of the pandemic.The response of the society to the Black Death was characterized by consistent changes in the society. Towns and cities were depopulated and suffered from the shortage of food.The large share of the rural population died out too. Peasants’ labor became extremely important and landlords had to attract peasants by higher wages.At the same time, leaders of the Roman Catholic Church attempted to present the Black Death as the disease that came from the East because the sacred land was occupied by Muslims.Instead, Muslims believed that the plague was a sort of punishment of those who were not true believers.Goods from the East moved to Europe through Constantinople mainly and so did the plague.In fact, it is through Constantinople and moved further throughout Mediterranean countries.Moreover, they did not even view it as a mere disease.Instead, they believed the Black Death was the punishment from the part of God, which people have to take.


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